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PCATDES. Successful Final Meeting & International Workshop for Euro Funded EU/ASEAN Photocatalysis Consortia in Hanoi

PCATDES Starts Field Testing of Photocatalytic Reactors in South East Asia

PCATDES Final Meeting & The International Workshop Announcement

ASEAN-EU STI Days 2016

New Opportunities for ASEAN-EU Cooperation in Science & Technology

Entering The Final Period & Third Annual Review Meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Second Annual Review Meeting in Istanbul, Turkey

First Annual Review Meeting & ASEAN-EU STI Days

World Intelligent Cities Summit & Exhibition

Cardiff University Videoconferencing Team Supports Review Meetings

6th Month Review Meeting

PCATDES Kick-off Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand


Participant Portal

CORDIS Website

Sampas Nanotechnology (SNANO)

The Sampas group was founded in 1981 in Turkey. Its subsidiary, Sampas Nanotechnology (SNANO) focuses on commercialization of custom designed nano- and green technology solutions. Its main interests are; ceramic, glass, packaging, construction, renewable energy, waste management, plastics, textiles and the automotive industry. Sampas mostly works with SME’s to extend their value-added products portfolio to give a competitive advantage in the market. In summary we aim to bridge the gap between the technology development and manufacturing industries.





Mr. Eser Karakaya


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